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Slight change of direction ...

During the last couple of month the prototype game changed a lot and I entered a state not unlike "full production mode" (just with less time to actually work on the game).

This is what it looked like the last time I posted about the game (because, let's be honest, the last post was fucking ages ago):

The most obvious thing changed is the map:

As you can see, it moved away from the platformer style to something room based, the elevators were moved into the back (instead of blocking the path) and there are no goons in there (yet).

It started easy enough with the idea of removing the gun from the player and introducing the "hiding" mechanic, I also started to dislike the way the goons moved around "randomly" (the reason why I wrote a  pathfinder based solution). Also some of my early playtesters mentioned that the mechanics weren't quite working as well together as I thought (something that had dawned on me as well).

Once the old map was gone it wasn't that hard to settle on the room based map and add the mechanics that suited the slower pace, just to realize that I made a full circle with the game idea (and a round trip of about a year). Mechanics wise the game is more or less the same as the one I first started over a year ago, just the visuals changed from top-down/iso to fake-2D:

Right now I'm exporting some new rooms in order to add some more features (cameras, laser gates, etc.) and later get the goons back in, but this time with less freedom to move around (for the most time). Mostly they will be used as guards (patrolling a set area), but some may walk off and explore the map on their own.

Last image in this post is the "Elevator Cam", which ended up in there because I needed a new way to control the elevators from the inside:

And with this I'm going to export a restroom.

-- Olli

ps: There are more frequent updates on this on (my) twitter (@nGFX, link on the right) as it is sometimes easier to just write 5 words and post an image.
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