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That's mighty pretty

To celebrate ( If that's the right word, we'll have to see ) the launch of cronusX at Kongregate we've taken over the Freelance Flash Games news blog for a week. Well, taken over the theme anyway.

Check it out, as Olli has done an excellent job on the background, and we've both been through the hell that is messing with wordpress, and that's got to be worth a click ( And that's without evening mentioning the excellent work Ryan does at the blog with a constant stream of great posts ).


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  • Zach

    8/18/2009 5:37:15 PM |

    Your pretty background misspelled the game's name.

  • Squize

    8/18/2009 5:57:43 PM |


    The next blog post is going to be titled "How to spend money and still look like pricks"

    Thanks a lot for pointing that out mate, obviously it's easy to become word blind ( I've just checked the wallpaper I've got on the mac too, same typo ).

  • Porter

    8/20/2009 1:35:32 AM |

    Haha, man that sucks. I did see the design though, it looks great.

  • nGFX

    8/20/2009 9:09:35 AM |

    Yeah. All my fault. It just never occured to me to wite it any other way than I did.

    Lesson learned.


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