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May contain nuts.

My todo list told me this is overdue.

You're probably tired of this already, but there are some Nuts & Bolts news just around the corner. In a private beta play Deeperbeige (.com) gave it a complete bash and pointed at a few wrinkles that I'm just about to iron out.

Biggest addition will be a nice little victory animation that is tormenting my CPUs at this very momment, so you get something relaxing to see after you've solved all levels (I've been told to keep pen & paper ready for the later ones - or wait for the first set of video guides that will be released with the game).

Then there are 2 bugs that I haven't spotted so far (one of them allowed to cheat ...) but should be easy enough to fix.

More right after this comercial break...

(While I try to get my head around a teaser video to post here)


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  • FlashMush

    7/18/2011 7:40:07 PM |

    Glad you're ironing out some bugs.

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