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Hey kids, it's time for another fun round of "Name that game ( 'Cause I can't be bothered )". This time the stolen gameplay is based on the C64 game, "Bounder".

Here's the title screen,


As you can see I've made no effort at all to name it, internally in the code it's just known as "G2". Play3D as an option you say ? Yep if you've got some red / blue glasses you can give yourself a bastard headache playing it in 3D for no real benefit.

Need to see an in-game shot for more inspiration ? Go on then,


For those of you not old enough to remember Bounder, the game mechanic is that the bomb there bounces up and down, in and out of the screen ( Hence my idea to give it a bit of 3D, great idea and works kinda well, it's just that it's created so much more work for me, but it'll be worth it for the 6 people who'll play it with glasses on ) and you control it's movement to ensure it lands on a platform.
Hmmm this is harder to explain than I thought. Imagine looking down on a tennis ball bouncing, and you've got to move it from one room in your house to another only bouncing it on rugs rather than the carpet.

So we've got bombs, we've got bouncing, we've got platforms. The bombs not got a name so feel free to go down the lines of naming him for the title, eg "Billy Bouncing Bombs Big BlowOut" ( Which I instantly quite like, why didn't I think of that before writing this post ? ).
I was really blown away by the response to the last help me with a name post, if we only get a fraction of that creativity this time then I'll be more than happy.

Over to you my beauties, and thanks in advance.


PS. It goes without saying you'll get an in-game credit, so I won't bother.

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  • bas_alicante

    5/28/2010 3:14:44 PM |

    Can you make a green/red 3d version? I've got these glasses since the dutch tv experiment in 1982, but never have been able to use them since... I know it's a piece of cake for you :-)

    ( Indeedy, no inspiration from me, but you already knew that, didn't you? )

  • Squize

    5/29/2010 12:13:32 PM |

    Just to recap, no name suggestion but a suggestion for me to re-do all the art.

    Bas, do you ever wonder who sends you hate mail on a weekly basis ? I'm going to have to up that to every other day now.

  • Matthew

    5/30/2010 11:01:37 AM |

    I went through all the words that you could use that made sense (Bomb Bounce Platform Drop Fall), failing that I went further and started looking at the physics behind bouncing (yes, it's a slow Sunday waiting for the Formula One race to start), but I just got kinetic, potential, friction, which make no sense in a game like this.

    The only thing that kept coming to mind as making sense, represeting what you do in game, and fitting on a single line is:

    Bomb Drop

    Want to make it a bit more sexy?

    Super Bomb Drop

    It would also work by using your name for the bomb as Billy Bomb Drop, that rolls off the tongue quite nicely actually.

    Final answer: Billy Bomb Drop

    Sorry, this is a real toughy.

  • Squize

    5/30/2010 4:54:24 PM |

    Cheers Matthew, ta mate.

    The grand prix was a belter wasn't it, although I didn't realise it clashed with the footy, I just assumed that was on tonight.

    Super Billy Bomb Drop is working well for me atm, I'm quite surprised how much thought you put into it though. Naming a game is like naming a child, it's there forever, so it's got to be something you can live with but if I don't go the Greek mythology route then it's normally just the first couple of random words that come to me and sit well.

  • Matthew

    5/30/2010 6:18:54 PM |

    The race was huge and Vettel is a tit who can't overtake. Poor Webber. Hope the name for the game sticks, I like the doubling up with the Super Billy.

    I think I put too much effort into naming games as spending years working in this industry you NEVER get to pick the name of commercial titles. So I jump at every opportunity. I would have joined in last time you asked if the first title suggestion hadn't been so awesome.

  • EM

    6/1/2010 2:32:52 AM |

    Shell Shock

    What's your approach for the anaglyph effect? I am exploring a similar concept and have been working with BitmapData.copyChannel and BitmapData.merge.

  • Squize

    6/4/2010 12:14:32 PM |

    @Matthew, yeah the first one just rocked for Creepy Uppy, no one was going to beat that.

    @EM, cheers for the suggestions, T-Bag though ? :) I guess I could follow that theme and call it R-Imming.

    As for the 3D stuff, a bit of a cheat really. After spending ages screwing around with pixel bender I just couldn't get it to ignore transparent pixels, so all the 3D assets are just done in an external app and I run it with two sets of images.
    ( Sometimes the slightly lame way is the way to go ).

  • Squize

    6/4/2010 9:41:21 PM |

    @Adrian Seems like your last comment has been deleted too mate, I'm not sure if the blog software is doing that 'cause you're posting a link, or if Olli has just glanced at it and thought it spam and deleted them ( We both have a habit of seeing a link in an email we get sent when a comment is posted and hitting the delete link straight away ).

    Sorry, it's really nothing personal :)

  • nGFX

    6/7/2010 7:12:55 AM |

    Opps, yep, it's a new piece of software I added, it kills out spam comments every night, seems that posts with urls get killed (which is in 99.9% ok) - there is some sort of baysian filtering going on too (alas I don't know how that one works) - but getting into both lists will surely get your comment killed.


  • Adrian Tschubarov

    6/7/2010 2:45:10 PM |

    ok, I wont sign my comments to avoid that

    My names were:

    - BTW: Bomb the Way
    - Bombucha

    Cheers. A-

  • Squize

    6/10/2010 1:49:46 PM |

    Glad you made it here in the end Adrian :)

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