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Blam me baby

Here's a funny thing.

Law of the West Pinball was posted to newgrounds. All good so far. Got a score of around 3.15, nothing great. Some helpful feedback, some pointless ( Well, one pointless ).

Being kind of anal I check back on it now and again, and this is the weird thing, it's score is going down every day. Every day, someone is voting it down.

Now it was never really on the radar, I've never linked to the NG page anywhere ( I don't really like to, it feels very "Here's my game. Oh look, you can vote for it, I never noticed that before. Well, whilst you're there, give it a 5. Please. I'm needy." ) so it seems really odd that either one person is going there everyday fuelled with petty hate and knocking it down slowly but surely until it goes the way of Chimbo and gets blammed or someone new is stumbling across it every day, and hating it that much that they're voting it down.

I'm not sure which is worse actually.

I just thought I'd mention it, as it's bugging me slightly, and what other reason is there to have a blog than to be self indulgent and post about petty things ( Tomorrow, "Why do people wear shades on the underground ?" ).


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  • ChrisError

    7/30/2008 1:18:37 PM |

    I have always hated newgrounds...horrible nasty place. Full of homophobic comments, stolen game graphics and unbelievably badly animated flash movies. I understand nothing about it, and just want it to go away.  


    and btw in answer to tomorrow's entry, it's so the girls sitting opposite to me don't notice me looking down their tops. The drool and heroic levels of sweating often give the game away anyway though.

  • Jeff

    7/30/2008 2:52:33 PM |

    I'm with Chris on this one, as my personal level of perspiration when sitting across from a lovely lady on public transport seems to increase at a rapid rate...

    I gave LOTW Pinny a very high score on New Grounds, but really, Squize, that isn't a place to get good feedback. I hardly ever post anything on those sites (NG, KONG, NOOBA). Anything but a copy of the latest popular game gets ripped to shreds. Can you think of any burned bridges that might cause a seriously demented inDUHvidual to spend so much time hating on your game?

  • Squize

    7/30/2008 9:58:52 PM |

    Cheers Chris / Jeff ( btw, is my last mail to you sitting in your spam folder ? ).

    I don't really bother with newgrounds ( And Kong is even worse when it comes to comments ), it's just the game being targetted like it is ( There's no other word for it ) bugs me.
    It's going to be blammed for no other reason than that some petty prick is cross with me ( One NG member gave it a 0 review, which I bit over. Gently to be fair. I don't know if it's him, but I checked his myspace page and he's got very fucked up views about race ).

    Suppose this was my business model, doing the sponsorship / ad thing. Aside from being poor, my actual living could be affected by someone with nothing better to do.
    It highlights how fragile the whole indy scene is, that if you dare to reply to someone who slags off your game you could lose money if they've got nothing better to do with their lives.

    The more we dip our toes into this market, the less and less we like it.

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