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All new and shiny ...

Two and a half busy days have passed since I finally got into gear and did a reskin of our blog (ok and an upgrade of the blog software). The idea has been there for quite a while now (I guess the first test rendering of the header image dates back to February).

I really wanted to do this post yesterday, but there has been some trouble with uploads that needed to be fixed before (and it seemed that 2 javascripts have been placed in the wrong directory).

Now say hello to our new appearance and while you're at it spread the word and if you're a true fan download the wallpaper :)

Just click on the image for the 1280x1024 version, oh and please remind me to do other resolutions, too (I need one at 1920x1200 and a 1680x1050 one, so if you like something else, just post a comment.


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  • Squize

    7/2/2010 9:33:44 AM |

    Bye bye Pong Clock, hello my eyes being kissed by an angel.

    Great work blue, the blog is now a thing of beauty.

  • Vex

    7/2/2010 10:24:25 AM |

    Looking very nice. :)

    I kinda miss the pong clock though..

  • Mark

    7/2/2010 10:28:30 AM |

    wow..sweet looking wallpaper!

  • Squize

    7/2/2010 10:53:54 AM |

    Funnily enough I had someone ask me what server side magic I was doing with the Pong clock, as he had IE and FF open next to each other with the same score.
    It was slightly awkward having to say, "Look at the score, now look at the time".

    That anecdote actually sums up my whole career, tricking people into thinking I'm being cleverer than I actually am :)

  • nGFX

    7/2/2010 11:06:04 AM |

    oh, one thing I forgot to mention is that the layout fucks up in IE6, though I couldn't care less. IE6 users really should consider to update to 7 or 8 or use ff, opera or nearly just any other browser - or just stay away from the web as such (in some cases that would be the BEST option).


  • Ryan

    7/2/2010 2:46:31 PM |

    I haven't been here lately, but the site redesign looks glorious! I love the header image and downloaded the background. Added it to my backgrounds folder and I'm hoping it'll cycle up soon cause my computer's backgrounds switch randomly every few hours. Only thing is, it originally downloaded as .ashx, so I had to change it to a jpg.

    The comments are looking excellent as well. Really nice job with the redesign.

  • nGFX

    7/2/2010 3:19:14 PM |

    Thanks Ryan for pointing out  the .ashx thing, not got that in FF3.6 (it just shows the image) - so another thing I need to look into (later).

  • MichaelJW

    7/2/2010 6:18:07 PM |

    Uh.. that last comment was me. I think perhaps there is a bug with your OpenID authorisation ;)

  • nGFX

    7/2/2010 9:29:16 PM |

    Seems not the only bug I need to track down ... oh well.


  • Merlin

    7/3/2010 1:58:45 PM |

    Looks awesome! Nice work there. Will give the background a go for a while ;)

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