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2011 in words and pictures

Time for our annual review of the things we did, the things we'd say we'd do and didn't and other post filler.

Where should we start ?


4 years old, and what a way to start the year, with a big old Facebook RPG no less.

Knight's Quest launched, although I think we worked on it for another couple of months. We made it all procedural thinking how clever we where that it would reduce maintenance costs, and on the first day of release someone reported a bug on level 71. In all the testing we'd never got that far, he must have played for hours and hours straight. Dear sweet mental players.

We also did an interview with our mate Ryan about his book "Getting your Flash game sponsored" which was fun, and we were asked to judge a comp for the first time. Funnily enough, the last time too. Odd that.


This was a dev type month on the blog, with posts about DN8's development and some background on how we made the levels in Knight's Quest.

Destroy More Cars also launched. What's that ? Yeah, only 10 million plays last time I looked, sorry ? Yes you're right I'd forgotten the first one is in Spil's all time top 10 with 14 million + plays. I'm only giving it large like that as I find it funny that our biggest hits in terms of plays are games I really can't stand. The 2nd one was better in lots of ways, but not a game I'd ever play.


The whole month just going on and on about DN8. Which brings us to...


DN8 launched, did really well critically at newgrounds ( Who were our sexy sponsor ), so-so everywhere else ( It got some nice reviews though, this one has a lovely screen shot, plus it came 2nd in the bytejacker game of the week, or was it day ? Anyway 2nd out of 3 counts as a win in some way ).

I played it the other day, and it's still quite nice. Pleased with that one.


Quiet month really, some of our friends in China tried hacking the blog ( Why for fucks sake ? We don't even read the crap we post on here, whose going to read your l33t hacx0r message ? ), pimped our friend Matthew's new game, posted some links and wrote about a failed prototype.


Olli posted up a couple of prototype games, one which is still sitting on his HD, the other out and about and coming further down this list.

The rest of the month was talk about the development of Outpost. What an insanely long development time that game had, but there were reasons why.


I wrote a pissy little rant, which made me feel better if nothing else.

Olli wrote some notes about how Nuts&Bolts worked, and also pumped out a teaser for it.

We finished the month with the long overdue DN8 postmortem.


A painfully quiet month. I was working on two client projects and Outpost and realised I was going to run out of money before any were done. That meant knocking out a quick game, which turned out to be Orbz.

Quite a fun little game, very throw away. The plan backfired, we couldn't give it away for sponsorship. In the end I decided to use it as our Facebook test game. Long story short, it is on FB, but it uses the AS3 FB toolkit, which for unknown reasons uses a pop-up for the confirmation page ( You know the one where you agree to let some strange app at all your private info forever ? ). The thing with pop-ups is that pretty much everyone blocks them. I lost all interest in what wasn't really an interesting project to begin with, so it's on FB just never been pimped. I will go back to it one day when I do another Facebook project, but it's a hellish horrible mess ( The API, not the game ).


Virtually nothing really, we were both at a low ebb doing things we didn't really want to do to earn the cash we needed to do the things we wanted to.


Slightly better month, with the main thing being the launch of...

Nuts&Bolts went live, and what a great little puzzler that was.

I also had a quick play with stage3D, nothing too special, but if you ever played with Papervision it was a world apart.


The blog had a long overdue shake up with Olli performing the massive / painful / massive task of moving the blog over to new software. We were getting to the point with the old software that just posting to the blog was a huge chore, and it just killed our post rate as you don't need to be battling software just to post some words.

One of the projects I worked on in the Summer went live, Beyblades. I didn't have a great deal to do with it, didn't touch the gameplay, and that was kinda nice. The other game I worked on was a manga style interactive comic. I really don't even know if it's live, as a project I take zero pride in it. Maybe I'll post up how I did the xml structure as that may be quite handy, but a pure sell my soul for money project. Awful.

Also I posted a quick tutorial about object pooling. I don't think code / tutorial posts go down well on here, you kids just seem to like reading us cussing and stuff. You cunts.


This year has flown hasn't it.

Olli posted some neat theory about random levels and a grab from his current game.

We bigged up Home Sheep Home 2, we like to help the little struggling indie games, hopefully we helped it's traffic a little ( Re-read the word "Little" again. About 400 people have started playing it during that time, it's both insane and well deserved how big a hit it is ).

I posted up the now annual drinking binge known as the GYW Christmas party, and did a quick test with Unity's Flash exporter.

Oh, and a little game Lux and I were working on went live. Don't know if I've mentioned it ?

Outpost went live yesterday, and so far has had a fantastic response from the beautiful NG community, which fills my hart with happy.

And that was 2011. Not as productive as we would have liked, but we can always say that ( And always seem to ). Outpost is the very best thing I've ever done and that's not a bad thing to be able to say.

As always we'd like to thank you dear reader, if it wasn't for you we'd still be writing this stuff, but quite possible in shit on a toilet wall. You're our outlet and our muse, and for that I've got to thank you.

See you in the new year, hope you have a great one,


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  • Cyan Merck

    1/4/2012 9:20:29 AM |

    I adore RPG's and always amazed to game developers that made this kind of interesting games that I adore and willing to grab every single opportunity to know the secrets of making one.

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