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You never can have enough rendertime ...

As promised in an earlier post here two (still working on a third one) stills from the intro of my "private" game:

Welcome to the Secret University, home to many soon to be wizards.

What now looks like a friendly night, ...

Both rendered at a resolution of 5120x2880 px (ugly to lose all this detail in those resized images, though), taking about 19h rendertime each. My plan is to use the way smaller version (my hope is to get it rendered at 480x270 (16:9) in a moderate filesize, using some 250 frames per shot (a day shot, a night shot and the secret third one)  in order to tell the story. Some earlier tests have shown that the animated clouds, the moving sun/moon and some wind moving all the grass and the leaves simply looks incredible. Yep and I know this is a bit much for a flash game - but hey - one should have dreams.

I hope I get the third shot done by Thursday this week and then start to lay out the animation.

Oh, you might noticed that this isn't quite the way it works usually (first doing a *lot* of artwork and later do the game), but this time I decided to do all the frontend stuff first and then add the game, call me stupid, will ya?
Ok, one of the reasons is that I needed to get my head away from flash while working on the code for the client's games and applications, and doing 3d is the way to keep me sane at the moment.

While typing this, I forgot to mention that the game as a name now, though this is for the next post.


ps: happy easter :)

383,890,620 polygons

Finally I started working on a new "private" game, basically it should have been an action game ...
... but somehow the idea has been altered and now it seems like it's becoming a puzzler.

For the last couple of days (weeks to be true) since my last post, I've been working on the title screen, mainly to get into the right mood for the style of the game. It also helps a lot to find the overall visual style.

As you might expect I'm not going to reveal anything about the actual gameplay, but it involves a bit of magic, wizards, a wizard's hat, an awfull amount of eyecandy and hopefully as much fun to play as I'll have doing (and selling) it :) ...

Enough words for now, here are 3 tiny parts of the intro animation (or part of the title/menu screen), and the reason for the nice and friendly number of polygons mentioned above:

Once I've finished this shot, I'll post the complete image, but there are some details left I want to alter to really make it look the way I want it to.


test, test, test

Hi folks,

while inbetween two bigger projects (that surely will leave no room for just "playing" around), I wanted to get my head into a new game. The idea was fresh, and highly motivated I started to code some samples in order to see if the flash player could handle it at all.

Nope, it couldn't.

The goal was to be able to move over a "3d" landscape, textured was my first plan, coloured is what I ended up with.

And no, it *wasn't* code excution speed. So two weeks were wasted trying different approaches to achieve the same result, but somehow failed. While the code took about 1 at a high rate 3 ms, flash's graphic renderer consumed between 30 and 90 ms.

As the stat's say the code is fast enough, I didn't see the point of moving to AS3, though it might make the whole thing possible - but for now I can happily ignore all the AS3 buzz and see that I get things done.


Anyway, I hope I be able to set up a little example swf, because the idea still isn't dead - it just needs some more thinking :)


Something useful to start with ...

Hi folks,

I know that there are by far more people out there not iis/, and not all of this tiny rest are having to deal with the server (2003 and iis 6.0 that is).

Anyway, I was just setting up a flash application that uses flash video. So do a bit of surrounding html, upload the app and the .flv vids and ... done.

Oh bugger, it would have been so good if it would have worked.

The first thing I thought it has something to do with my code, but on my local iis it worked like a charm.
The best thing was, the file gave me a 404 when I tried to access it via the URL I used in the player ...

A good deal of time later i finally found this: How to set up .flv files on iis 6.0.

Here's the solution (copied from the above link, though)

  1. On the Windows 2003 server, open the Internet Information Services Manager.
  2. Expand the Local Computer Server.
  3. Right-click the local computer server and select Properties.
  4. Select the MIME Types tab.
  5. Click New and enter the following information:
    • Associated Extension box: .FLV
    • MIME Type box:flv-application/octet-stream
  6. Click OK.
  7. Restart the World Wide Web Publishing service.


Welcome stranger!

So here we are, waiting for the first visitors and writing about game development in flash, finished projects, flash news, flash tools, flash ... I guess, you get the point.

We, that is the current team behind gaming your way, will try to keep this thing interesting and we hope you don't mind adding a piece of code, an image or a link to something we like (and in most cases is related to flash in some way).

so stay tuned ...