Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

Want to be our bitch ?

We're in the lucky position of having more than enough work for ourselves, so we're looking to share that out by taking on a freelance coder for initially one project, due to start in the next couple of weeks.

Ideally you'll tick most of the boxes below, and if so please give us a shout via the contact page on the site ( We're more than happy to answer any questions in the comments, but if anyone feels the need to post "mail sent" they won't ever ever be working with us. Ever ).

* Young and eager. We've not got the budget on this project to pay out London day rates, but it'll be more than than an average sponsorship deal. Think of it as a way into the industry rather than a quick [ Huge ] buck. We want someone who's on fucking fire to make the best games possible. We want your enthusiasm to make us feel old and cynical in comparison.

* Available. If I'm being chased up by the client, then I need to be able to get in touch with you. Fitting this in and around your life isn't really an option, it's a job and needs treating as such. Once you've done your 8 hours and everything is on target you can go out and kill prostitutes for all I care, we just need your arse for that time every day.
( We don't care about location / time zone differences, I really just need to be able to fire up msn and see your lovely avatar there at set times ).

* Ability. as3 is a must, and oop as3 at that. We want to see lovely external classes. Flex or Flash Develop will be your dev. environments of choice. We don't expect you to know everything, it's more about a keenness to try and work around problems on your own than a vast knowledge of everything under the sun.
Also at least one complete game under your belt is a must. By complete, we don't count "It's all finished, I just need to add the sounds and the last couple of levels". That's not a finished game.

* Attention to detail. We're anal to the point of ocd. When doing a game for a big name client you can't get away with "That'll do, it's close enough", everything has to be as close to silky smooth as possible. Hopefully you'll bring that with you, otherwise you're going to get fucked off with us pointing things out. We want your imagination as much as your code.

* Deadlines baby. A missed deadline at best means an annoyed client, at worst an annoyed client and us working for free to catch up. You really need to be self motivated and self managed for the most part. You're not going to be left alone in the wilderness, we'll be there to keep things on track and to provide all the help and support we can, but by the same token we're not going to micro-mange you. Partly because it's no fun for us, and just as importantly it's no fun for you. This will be your chance to shine on a project, to run with it and make us pant to work with you again.

If this sounds like the life for you, then give us a shout, even if you think you only hit some of those requirements, you could still have a ton of potential which just needs to be brought out. And nothing brings out your coding potential like having to get a delivery to a client in 4 hours when you've got 6 hours work to do.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Oh and just in case: here's the contact form ...