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It's live, it's live, it's live!

Two posts in one day, check me out.

Anyway, this is a good one rather than a "Adobe, what the hell have you done" style post.

The Game of Life is finally live! Not on the actual client's site, but it's out there for people to play. Thanks HSBC for letting us run with this project, and cheers to Dom and team Tak for not stressing out during the development :)

Also a huge thanks to both olli and marmotte for their hard work on this. One of the most satisfying projects I've ever worked on, and to me it sums up everything about GYW. This is us.



One for the road

Well with "The Game of Life" due to go live any day soon, I figured it's about time we wrapped up the blog posts for it.

Here's the final game, "Gift Shop"


That's just some of the items you'll have to pick from to ensure all your family recieve a holiday gift from you.

And on that note, that's it for the development posts for GOL. The next one will be a sexy little url, so after sticking with us for the past couple of months ( Amazing that it's been going that long ) we're almost there.
Rest assured that as soon as it's live you'll all be the first to know.

Ok, back to "Phantom Mansion" ( Now that sounds like another series of development posts ;) ).


Heroes and villains ...

... Just see what youve done

The last game of the GOL collection and my 3rd (while Squize is still missing one :) ).

Anyway, this time your task is the joy of gardenening. With movement based on Asteroids you just have to chop down as much grass as possible in the (short) given time. Earn some extra by making sure those nasty little buggers stay off the lawn.

As Squize already mentioned this game has the weakest name ("The Day of the Triffids") but may be the one with the most action.




Nothing much more to say, we just have to wait for them to go online now ...


ps: and now ... if can tell me the artists of the three songs I've quoted ... you can win ... well I'll find something.

"Please sir, can I have some more?"

Of course you can, more cheeky grabs from GOL that is you little trickster.

Here's some action shots from "Souper Bowl", which is possibly the first time I've ever had to code drool for a game ( These firsts are getting rarer, you know you've hit a new low when you've coded a baby messing it's nappy ).

Souper Bowl, it's all it's feeding the homeless glory

Mmmm, look at those bowls of piping hot soup. It's making you hungry isn't it ? Hungry for a bit of Game of life action that is!

Soon, oh so soon.


PS. That could well be the cheesiest, hard sell blog post I've ever done. Which is saying something.


I want to fly like an eagle ...

... Let my spirit carry me.

So this is the third game (yes, I know, there are currently only two (including this one), but it seems that Squize didn't post yesterday ... shish!)

You surely remember the time when you just walked up the diving platform, stood on the highest one and did a somersault, backwards ...
... and you surely noticed that each year you thought about "what can go wrong" a bit more.

Well, after a certain point you forget about the risks and you go hang gliding, High Jinx in our case or short HJ.



Distance is the key to get your blood flowing again, and of course you have to do some resource management to get as far as possible.

After all I enoyed doing HJ, hope you enjoy plaing it.

2 games left ...


I see a red door ...

 ... and it want it painted black.

Nah. painting is pure joy. Keeping an eye on your grandchild, too. Don't try it at the same time, though.

Finally after all those weeks here are some screenies from "Holding the Baby" or short ... HTB, one of the five games from the "Game of Life" collection we did (and one of the games I had the joy of doing).




Did I mention that you have to get it done in time?

Well you'll see yourself ... 4 more to go.


Almost at the money shot

Not posted many updates about "The Game of life" here for a while, so we're well overdue for a catch up.

My "Gift shop" game is done and dusted. It's only a straight forward Mastermind style game, but it plays pretty well and looks great too. I like it as part of the package because it's so different to everything else in there, a slow paced logic game ( Albeit still against the clock ). Fits in there well, and I think it achieves the projects umbrella aim of being able to target as many different players as possible ( Not everyone loves games which use the arrow keys ).

Olli's just finished his final game, currently called "The Day of the Triffids" ( Or Dot ), it's the exact opposite of Gift Shop. Really nice fast paced action using an asteroids style control system to control a lawn mower as you cut the grass and remove unwanted visitors.
I think it's everyone's new favorite game within the set, and a great one to finish on.

So after all this time, and blood and sweat and swearing, we're nearly there. There are some front-end alterations that I've got to make this evening, but purely visual stuff to update the existing images in line with the final ones, and we're ( Touch wood, and I don't mean that in a nob joke way ) gold.

Be so cool to see this bad boy live. Soon my beauties, soon.


Two of the best little words in the world

"Free bar", "Lesbian twins" and "Signed off".

All perfect phrases, but only one of them is making me smile right now.

Yesterday Souper Bowl was signed off. Sweet.

Really pleased with it actually, it's only a small little game ( But then they all are in this project ), but it plays pretty well and looks great thanks to marmotte jumping in at the 11th hour to reskin it.

At present we're looking ok-ish to hit the deadline. I'm in that fluctuating mood, where every hour it swaps between "Yes, we're actually going to make it", and "Cocking hell, we've got no chance, my to do list looks like War and peace".
The controller is looking good to go, I've got one major thing left to do for the beta delivery tomorrow, then I've got the w/end and Monday to add things like send to a friend and set up the translation handling code correctly.

Also tonight I'm going to dive in and help with the skinning up of "Holding the baby", Olli's painting game, whilst he attempts to get "High Jinx" into a fit state to wow the crowds.

Lot's and lots to do, but feeling almost do-able.


When things get ugly ...

It was a puzzle why things were always dragged kicking and screaming. No one ever seemed to want to, for example, lead them gently by the hand.

-- (Terry Pratchett, The Truth [deutsch] [English, US])

Same with some games.
I'm usually pretty solid when it comes to the code layout for a game, depending on the requirements I normally use the "best" way. Normaly. This time the thing got a bit ugly, the basic idea was quite simple, the requirements quite low all in all a short game.

The engine was done in two days, about 400 lines of code and because it all was so easy, I just dropped into an extended MovieClip class. No need for a big layout with a set of classes that divide UI, logic and so on. Normaly.

So now there is a quite cluttered class, lots of ugly code and no real time to make it readable again. Shish!

Anyway, mending the last pieces of it together now (and trying to clean up the 950 lines of code).


Don't Panic ? How wrong you were Mr.Adams

A brief update from me is long overdue.

So where are we with a week to the deadline ? Feeling like we need two weeks before the deadline.

Souper Bowl is coming along well. It's basically Tapper, but in a soup kitchen. I managed to knock the majority of the game engine out in a day which I was really pleased about, and since then it's been a case of skinning it up, fixing bugs and tweaking the gameplay.
There's one minor gameplay addition to add, and aside from the sounds / remaining visuals / love it's done. Hopefully tonight will see the end of it aside from an hour here and there, and it'll be great to get the first one down and out of the way.

Olli's game is coming along well. The core engine has been complete for a while now ( Even to the stage where he can post code :) ), but we've had issues with the gameplay. It's a pretty original concept, and for a while we thought it was nailed but just lacking visually and sonically and once those were in place it'd all come good. After a lot of chats with the client and standing back from it a bit, we've realised it wasn't there at all.
So Olli's throw a load of new ideas at it which are working really well. It's much closer to the vision I had in my head of how it would play now ( If only that vision had been clearer at the start ).

The w/end is going to be spent sourcing soundfx ( Which I do actually enjoy ) and working on the controller movie which holds everything together. At present it loads and triggers the games, handles the game over etc. but it needs a lot of work throwing at it. Just today we came up with the idea of tooltips within the games just to help people along, and the controller will have to handle these too ( As all the text is translatable, it's better to just have one movie deal with it all and saves each game having to load in their own specific xml file with the text in ).

Lot's and lot's to do. Hopefully Monday's post will be a nice gloaty one where everything is done. Not going to happen, but let me hold on to the dream for a little while.